Julio Muņoz

"   Julio Muņoz was born in Trinidad de Cuba and has lived here all his live. He is a talented photographer with an intuitive eye and a passion to share his experience and knowledge with others. He successful manages to absorb and record the true spirit and energy of his vibrant town and his people.

     His colorful images aspire to reflect the truth of what he sees there is no artifice, trickery or cropping. He connects directly with his subjects, simplifying and isolating the important elements to produce a composition which rewards the viewer with the vitality of the moment.

    Julio has unique style, catching the light and form to his advantage. He often prefers to use wide-angle lens, shooting from high or low positions which allow him to engage with his subjects giving a greater sense of depth and a fresh perspective.

    His natural ease of communication, openness and generosity of spirit make him a wonderful host and an inspirational photographer."

                      Carolyn Bates. (Associate of Royal Photography Society)

Julio Muņoz

Photo by Peter Manzelli. USA


    Professional Profile

   Julio Muņoz is an electronic engineer by profession but photographer by heart and inclination.

   Julio began to specialize in documentary photography after meeting National Geographic photographer, David Alan Harvey, who showed him the secrets for real-life portrait photography.

    He is blessed to live in Trinidad, Cuba’s colonial treasure, and to be the owner of the popular Bed&Breakfast (casa particular) Casa Muņoz, built in 1800 and featured in National Geographic (October 1999). Julio’s house has become a "base camp" for international photographers, writers and film-makers, making it possible for Julio to meet and learn from leading photographers from all over the world.


Publicaciones principales:

     Libro propio:

- Trinidad de Cuba. editorial Magcloud(USA).

    Otras publicaciones en:

-Editorial Advalon Travel Publishing (USA), Cubierta del libro Moon HandBook Cuba 3ra edición.

-Editorial Footprint (UK), libros Handbook Cuba   3da (1 foto) , 4ra edición (2 fotos) y 5ra edición (3 fotos)

-Editorial National Geographic Society , revista National Geographic Traveler (3 fotos)

-Editorial Macmillan Caribbean (UK), libro CUBA CLASSICS: A Celebration of Vintage  American Automóviles (4 fotos)

-Editorial Escandón Impresores, España. FLORECE TÚ  (todas las fotos)


-Documental "The Soul of Cuba" 2012 por National Geographic (varias fotos)

-Editorial Wanderlust (UK) "Take Better Travel Photos" summer 2012 (page 26 and 27)

-Editorial Wanderlust (UK) "Capturing Cuba" Abril 2013 (page 93)

-Hecho a Mano en Trinidad de Cuba. por Cristina González Bécquer (Libro)


Otras actividades:

-Debido a la variedad de temas en el su archivo, sus fotos son usadas a menudo en tesis y otros tipos de trabajos donde los exponentes necesitan representaciones graficas.

-Decoración de lugares turísticos como Restaurante Plaza Mayor.

-Decoración del Restaurante Toscan, en Marina di  Massa, Italia.

-Tutor, organizador y/o asistente de talleres de fotografía (www.cubawelcome.com, www.cubaniatravel.com, www.trinidadphoto.com , www.santafeworkshops.com , www.authenticadventures.co.uk , www.jimclinephotoworkshops.com, www.ralphelasco.com , National Geographic, etc)

-Asistente/productor para otros fotógrafos y filmakers (National Geographic, BBC, SF TV, Cuba: la route du Che (Routes d'Echappees belles)

-Conferencias a grupos de la National Geographic, Friendly Planet, Distant Horizons, The World Affairs Council, Culture Explorer, etc


Contact us:


Julio Cesar Muņoz Cocina

Address: Jose Marti ( Jesus Maria ) # 401

Between: Fidel Claro ( Angarilla ) and Santiago Escobar ( Olvido )

Trinidad.     S.Spiritus.      Cuba

Phone and Fax : 53 419 3673 ( International)

0 419 3673 (National, from some locations use 01 instead 0) 

3673 (Local)

Email: trinidadjulio@yahoo.com